About Us

We’ve been manufacturing footwear in China for 10 years.
We have a team whose passion, commitment and years of
experience along with the dedication to what we do has made
us the trusted partner to our clients that we are today.
Making shoes to us is an art, a skill that we keep working on.

Our samples, speak for themselves. Our attention to detail
shows up in the way we approach each project – from design
to development. We work closely with our clients’ designers
to study each aspect of the shoe resulting in a shoe that is
exactly as the designer had in mind.

Our Mission

Let’s make it easy for you. We provide you with the
peace of mind and assurance that your footwear project
is in the hands of professionals who care as much as you
about your products and your brand. We work very
closely with you to understand your goals, your wants,
your needs and your processes right from design, to
development and finally to manufacturing. We provide
you with full visibility of the overall process, from the
initial design to the final product arriving at the desired
location exactly how you expected it, each time and
every time. We believe in partnership and we want you
to succeed because when you win, we win.

Our Team

Larry Liu, Product Development Director

Larry is an artist and a shoe brings his art to life. His passion and attention to detail shows up in every sample and in every step of the production process. Larry started his career in the footwear business on the stitching and assembly line and worked his way to becoming the General Manager for Sourcing and Technical development for Power in China.

George Fan, Production Director

With over 23 years of experience in product development, sourcing and production, George has overseen and managed projects across China working with various global brands.

Manoj Chugani, Business Development Director

With over 25 years of experience in sales, supply chain and project management in China and Europe. Manoj relentlessly ensures that our processes and products meet with client needs and deliver on the client experience that we are proud of.

Yanna Peng, Project Manager

Yanna has years of experience in sourcing and manufacturing for global brands. Yanna’s attention to detail and due diligence ensures that your projects are well managed from the start to right until you receive your shipment.

Sebastian Roose Hamann, Business Development Manager, Latin America;

Based in Peru with immense experience provides an opportunity to work with our Latin American clients in Spanish and in the same time zone.